Sherman Engineering LLC

Brett Sherman, P.E., Principal

Brett Sherman founded Sherman Engineering LLC to pursue engineering solutions for an increasingly challenging balance between sustainability and practicality.  His expertise in civil design, solar and alternative energy applications and land use planning make him uniquely qualified for all manner of land use issues.  His 19 year background as a professional civil engineer and project manager has encompassed all facets of civil engineering including project engineering and design, project management, government planning, land use entitlement, and field engineering.

Sherman’s experience includes engineering and oversight of projects for large international concerns, construction companies, consulting firms and governmental agencies. He is known for his consistent dedication to delivering what the customer needs on time, on budget and for exceeding quality expectations.

Brett spent four years as the County Engineer for the La Plata County Community Development Department with oversight for land use projects, water issues, geologic reviews, oil and gas development, engineering reviews, contracting code development and interpretation and county-wide road civil projects. He understands the county codes thoroughly and the processes required to navigate a proposal through the maze of regulations efficiently.

Sherman’s projects have ranged up to $82 million dollars and include land use planning, water and sewer designs, oil and gas projects, dams, road and bridge construction, pile driving, on site wastewater (septic) systems, retaining walls, air traffic control towers, sky scrapers, subway stations, water quality studies, air quality studies and many more vastly varied projects for governmental and private owners.